Services and functions of our Authority

Our team is always ready provide a Effective and efficiency service with our Results based management. Our core values are also fully satisfied public relationship and provide service with team spirit. As a semi government authority our main services are mentioned below.

Passenger and cargo transportation

Take action on passenger and cargo transportation
Setting standards for passenger and goods transport and imposing regulations
Passenger transport service routes, regulations governing the use of motor vehicles
Check the suitability of vehicles used for passenger and goods transportation
Investigating the fulfillment of the passenger transport activity
Imposition of regulations relating to passenger transport
Passengers traveling in three wheelers
Freight Transport License Permits and Regulations
Checking illegal passenger and goods transportation

Common Services

Issue of permits and regulations
Providing information
Tariff setting
School transport services
Providing passports on documents other than a vehicle that is not a bus
Maintaining records
Acquisition of property
Imposition of service fees
Donations and contracts

Services of Buses

Designing of bus terminus name boards
Specifying the documents in the bus
Registration of drivers and conductors
Designation of permit conditions
Issue of leaflets and logs
Manipulating Bus stations and Bus halts
Management of bus stops

Staff Services

Services of Staff

Administration of Discipline and Discipline of Employees
Providing other welfare and other relief assistance to members and employees
Maintenance of welfare and other funds
Preparing timetables
Management of Passenger Bus Terminals and Bus Terminals
Implementation of the provisions issued by the Minister of Minister from time to time
Exercising powers delegated by the Board of Directors

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